Step by Step Making Santur, Persian Hammered Dulcimer, with Manu Pourian

When I was young and was so excited to learn and play Santur, the Persian hammered dulcimer, I could not afford to buy a good one. And when I bought one and wished to buy another one – a La kook, smaller than Sol Kook, I sadly learned that it had been already sold to another.  In order to avoid another heart break I decided to create a Santur of my very own.

When I decided to make this sophisticated stringed instrument, no actual and academic information was available, except some guidance from Ostad Saba about Santur making.  It helped only on dimensions and some other info.  Nothing about the process I follow now.  I did not know anything about wood selection and so many essential factors in making a good Santur.  To make it short I decided and finally succeeded in making the first Santur from German Spruce. It turned out to be a success and was appreciated by great Santur players.  Sad to say no vital documents was left from master Santur makers in Iran.  They believed it is a non-saying secret and …

With this experience and so many years of research and hard work, I have reached a point which I  would like to share my findings with other people and especially younger generations in order to preserve this value token of our ancient great musical culture and pass it on to future generation.  With this I will be delighted and my soul will be happy wherever it flies.


Workshops with limited five people each course for participant of the Greater Vancouver Area and Seattle :

To learn:

1- wood selection for different parts of Santur.

2- sizes of the boards and frames and calculations.

3- Shaving the sound boards and back boards, graduation.

4- how to do Tap Tuning in Santur, a very new aspect that has never been done so far in Santur Making.

5- find out location of sound posts inside the box and sound holes on the sound board.

6- finishing, sanding, staining, and varnishing and more about French Polishing with Shellac.

Please contact me for more info and course price:

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All Santurs sold include a box, tuning key and a pair of Mezrab.

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